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Facing criminal charges in Boston or Federal Court in the State of Massachusetts? Being charged with a crime does not make you guilty. Call Boston criminal defense attorney Joseph B. Simons at (781) 797-0555 to explore your legal options and build a competent defense. As an experienced criminal defense attorney, Joe has the knowledge and expertise you need to defend yourself against criminal charges.

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When Bostonians think of attorneys, many negative stereotypes come to mind - the ambulance chaser, the expensive attorney, the big law firm litigator who cannot remember your name. But those stereotypes are quickly thrown away when a call is made to Attorney Joseph B. Simons. Attorney Simons cares about the his clients' outcomes and challenges, working with each client to help resolve their legal problem. When you need a criminal defense attorney in Boston, you can pick up the phone book and take your chances - or you can call an attorney you can trust, you can call Joe.

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Your case is important and you have neither time or money to waste. Joe wants to help you resolve your legal problem as quickly as possible. Call Joe at (781) 797-0555 for a free, no obligation consultation. Speak directly with Attorney Joseph B. Simons today, a Boston criminal defense attorney with the experience and know-how to navigate your legal challenges.

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