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Simons Law Office is a leading criminal defense firm in downtown Boston.  Our attorneys have experience aggressively defending clients charges in the U.S. District Court.  We represent clients investigated and indicted for financial crimes, conspiracy, drug distribution, and other alleged crimes in Boston.

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Although most cases never make it to trial, we take cases to trial more than most attorneys.  We look at every case as a potential trial, and find the weaknesses to use against the prosecution.  Our reputation as trial attorneys means that prosecutors know we are not afraid to go to battle.  For that reason, we are often able to secure more favorable results even for those clients who choose not to take the case to trial.

Below guidelines sentencing

The reality is that most federal criminal cases turn into plea negotiations.  The federal system is notorious for harsh prison sentences, and much of the court’s attention turns to the sentencing guidelines.  The guidelines are not mandatory, but the judges give them a lot of weight when considering a sentence.  Our attorneys work hard to create persuasive arguments and sentencing memoranda, by digging in and really getting to know our clients.  We have built a track record of securing below guidelines sentences for clients, and even spared some clients who have plead guilty from prison time altogether.

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