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Willful Failure to File Tax Return Charges

Filing a false tax return, or willful failure to file a tax return, can land you in federal court facing criminal charges.  At Simons Law Office, our attorneys have experience defending against these and other related charges, including:

Tax evasion
Willful failure to file tax return
Payroll tax fraud
Sales tax fraud
Failure to report international income
Filing a false tax return
Failure to report offshore accounts

If you are facing criminal charges related to tax evasion, call us today at 781-797-0555 for a free telephone consultation. 

The tax code is notoriously complex, and can be confusing even for accountants, lawyers, and other tax professionals.  Don’t let a mistake ruin your future.  We can help.

Defending Against Tax Fraud Charges

Every case is different, so there is no one-size-fits-all approach.  Our defense attorneys thoroughly examine the evidence against you, so that we can work together toward the best possible results.  We can coordinate with certified public accountants and forensic experts in conducting our own investigation.

A common defense is exhibiting a lack of intent.  Many charges require that you intended to do something (i.e. purposely failing to file a tax return, or knowingly excluding certain income from your tax return).

Simons Law Office is based in downtown Boston, Massachusetts, close to the United States District Court.  Although our clients are generally in Massachusetts, we selectively take cases outside of the state.  Call us to discuss your case confidentially today.

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