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A conviction for selling drugs can lead to serious consequences, including mandatory minimum sentences. Collateral consequences, such as the loss of your driver’s license, need to be considered as part of your defense. If you are charged with violating drug laws within a school zone, penalties can increase significantly. If convicted, a mandatory minimum of two years will be added to your sentence. These penalties can potentially be avoided with help from a Boston drug lawyer like Joseph B. Simons.

You can be indicted for drug trafficking charges with as little as 14 grams of cocaine, with a three-year mandatory minimum sentence. When the weight increases to 28 grams, the minimum mandatory sentence increases as well, to five years. You can be charged with distribution even without accepting money for the drugs. Even sharing drugs among a group of friends can be the basis of a distribution charge.

The maximum penalty for selling drugs is 10 years in prison or two-and-a-half year in the house of correction for each count. The difference in maximum sentence depends on how you are charged. If your case remains in district court, the two-and-a-half year maximum applies. If you are indicted and your case ends up in superior court, a conviction exposes you to a 10-year maximum sentence. Subsequent offenses carry even higher maximums.

Prosecutors may decide to charge certain drug offenses in federal court, which could mean longer sentences if you are convicted. You need an experienced Boston drug lawyer who will thoroughly investigate all available pretrial and trial defenses. Before trial, motions to dismiss and/or motions to suppress evidence can win the case. If police seized evidence without a search warrant, the prosecutor has the burden of proving that the search was valid.

If you have been arrested, are facing arraignment, are being investigated, or have been questioned by police, you need a high-quality Boston drug lawyer to protect your rights.

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